The Ups, downs and surprises oF GDPR


For data protection, this includes speakers from the European Commission, a large corporate, an SME, a GDPR-enabling vendor, a consultant and last but not least a representative of a consumer body. We will evaluate how GDPR is doing to date and what can we expect over the coming two-three years. Of particularly interest will be understanding and assessing how GDPR is being received globally, particularly in the US, as well as the adoption of GDPR-like legislation in California, Brazil and elsewhere. 


Making The Most Of PSD2


Engaged in the two sessions on PSD2/Open Banking will be panellists from the European Commission, large banks, a PSD2-focussed vendor, a national banking association, as well as representatives of Open Banking and the Berlin Group. The intention is to stimulate a debate on how to maximise the opportunities across the whole financial community in the light of the massive regulatory changes.